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Rhinoplasty Southlake

The nose is the central feature of the face and can thus have a dramatic impact on a person’s overall facial appearance. A nose that is too large, too small or misshapen can detract from the natural beauty of the eyes, mouth or cheeks. For those who wish to bring their nose in balance with the rest of their features, Dr. Robert Bledsoe, a talented Southlake / Grapevine cosmetic surgery provider, offers nose reshaping surgery, also known as rhinoplasty or nose job. By making subtle alterations to the nasal shape, Dr. Bledsoe can bring symmetry and proportion to the face, helping its natural beauty shine through.

Rhinoplasty is an extremely sophisticated procedure that requires skilled hands and an eye for aesthetics. Dr. Bledsoe has honed his nose surgery skills and aesthetic judgment during his 20 years performing rhinoplasty and other facial plastic surgery procedures in Grapevine, Texas. Dr. Bledsoe often recommends other procedures in combination with rhinoplasty—including lip augmentation, facelift and brow lift—to help bring about a fully balanced facial appearance.

Candidacy for Rhinoplasty with Dr. Bledsoe

The best Grapevine / Southlake rhinoplasty candidates are those who are unhappy with some aspect of their nose and are otherwise in good physical and emotional health. Patients must be prepared for the fact that rhinoplasty may cause changes that, while minor, substantially alter their appearance in the eyes of family and friends who may be fond of their current way of looking.

In addition to rhinoplasty for cosmetic enhancement, some patients seek nose surgery due to damage as a result of injury or a medical condition such as a deviated septum. In such cases of reconstructive rhinoplasty, the procedure may be covered in part by medical insurance. If you are considering reconstructive rhinoplasty, please contact Dr. Bledsoe or your insurance provider for information about possible coverage.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Dr. Bledsoe usually performs rhinoplasty as an outpatient procedure using either general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. The procedure typically takes two to three hours to complete.

When performing rhinoplasty, Grapevine / Southlake plastic surgeon Dr. Bledsoe makes incisions on the inside or outside of the nose, depending on the extent of surgery. Next, he uses special surgical tools to reshape the internal structures of the nose, either adding or removing cartilage to bring about the desired shape and angle. Finally, Dr. Bledsoe closes the incisions and applies packing, splints and bandages to protect the nose and help it retain its new shape.

Recovering from Rhinoplasty Surgery with Dr. Bledsoe

Following rhinoplasty, Southlake and Grapevine patients will experience swelling, bruising and soreness. These symptoms can be managed with medications. It is also quite common for patients to have black eyes in the days following the procedure, which is a harmless side effect of surgery.

The nasal splints, packing and bandages will be removed within one week. Most of the swelling should subside in two to four weeks; however, residual swelling might take up to six months to resolve, at which time the full effects of the procedure should be evident.

Dr. Bledsoe is a trusted Grapevine / Southlake nose surgery specialist who is proud to offer rhinoplasty as part of his full-service cosmetic surgery practice. In addition to nose job, he provides other facial rejuvenation procedures, such as brow lift, face lift and lip augmentation. He is also a highly skilled Grapevine / Southlake ear surgery provider who has helped many patients reduce their protruding ears.